Have a question? Here is a list of frequently asked questions and answers for you. Don’t see an answer here? Just scroll down and feel free to send us any questions through the contact form below.

How long until I get my shoes?

Orders ship within 2 days of you approving the proof. We will send you a proof of your design within 24 hours. Contact us before hand to discuss “rushed” orders at info@engravedforces.com

Can I get a discount if I order more than a few pairs?

Yes, contact us regarding collaborations at info@engravedforces.com. We also provide discounts on bulk orders (sports teams, wedding parties, etc.).

Can I use my own design? 

Yes, but with any design we still need to configure it to our settings. We charge $5-20 for custom artwork setup. However, we do not charge for personalizing within a design (choosing your own initials, numbers, etc.).

Can I get my design engraved in a different color?

Yes, our products can be engraved and then “color-filled”. Because our product are engraved and not printed, first we engrave your design and then fill the engravings by hand with professional Angelus Paint™.